Four Seasons lands in Madrid for the first time and promises to shake the city

Four Seasons, which needs no introduction, opens its doors for the first time in Madrid in the midst of a world pandemic.
A very unusual time but still, with a very strong proposition that will undoubtedly make its mark in the city.

Now more than ever, their communication strategy has to be strong, offer something new and refreshing that will at the same time bring a touch of fun and lightness in such difficult times.

Countdown to unwrap the much awaited Four Seasons Madrid. Who wants to help to take the bubble wrap out?

We used the stopwatch element to represent that sense of waiting for time to pass, and that the event is fast approaching.
At the same time introduced the bubble wrap around the entire photograph to point out that something new is being opened for the first time.



We are ALMOST ready to open ​@fourseasonsmadrid​

We create anticipation towards the grand opening through a series of photographs that reveal just enough to build up excitement, keeping a sense of mystery all at the same time.

This photograph is all composed with a touch of fun to gain engagement and ensure viewers connect with the brand and follow the process through to the opening and beyond.

By seeing this image, well-travelled people will definitely want to know more.


The Result

In line with the concept of building up expectation for the opening, we created a collage of a room and many close-ups that show elegant details and give a hint of what can be expected.