Rescuing the soul of an iconic hotel, Park Hyatt Saigon

The Park Hyatt Saigon is an epitome of luxury that has managed to stay relevant through its colonial style, art work, luxury, tradition, local gastronomy and history.

Our main objectives were to revamp Park Hyatt Saigon through a set of product and lifestyle images that would form part of their broader campaign.

Making Of

It was time to start narrating the history of this iconic hotel and leveraging on its heritage to continue to build on its grandeur.
The hotel was once a US military base where DJ Adrian Cronauer started his daily broadcast with the famous phrase “Good Morning Vietnam”.
One of the campaign photos was created to enable parents to share the image with their children and allow them to play the main role in illustrating this iconic moment.

The Result

We added creativity without compromising the elegance that characterises Park Hyatt Hotels; we chose to photograph the key areas that refer to the past in black and white, while highlighting in color the areas that guests can enjoy thanks to its history. We developed a tagline: “Good Morning Vietnam! Captivate your next generation with stories which last a lifetime”.