Business reflections from the GM

General Manager

Marbella Club, LHW

Best media investment we’ve ever done.
Website sales increased so much producing more than all of the OTAs together.​

We have an exceptional hotel, but we were not maximising its true potential.
With the help of Cristina and her team, we were able to enhance the value of various services at the hotel in very little time.

The results? An increase of more than a 100% of the hotel’s ARR and a 60% increase in all of the online sales channels, starting with an increase in direct website sales, a website which she also designed .

She not only maximised the potential of our rooms, suites and villas, but also renewed our brand image, attracting a newer, younger clientele – a much-needed target group for increasing demand.

The Hospitality Builders team has always effortlessly blended into the hotel, bringing out the best of each other, discovering the best way to achieve an authentic and genuine result. Plus, they easily adapt to the changing operational needs of the hotel.

We did not have a hotel, all we had was a mock-up room.

Months prior to the opening, the Gran Hotel Inglés only had one mock-up room ready, and it was the single tool we had to speak about the opening of a new luxury hotel in Madrid. We needed to photograph this mock-up room and I was lucky enough to cross paths with Cristina, whose background and experience included various hotel opening projects.

Cristina and her team locked themselves into our mock room and the results were incredible, not just because of the quality of the work, but because of the emotions they were able to transmit. She created a story, a legend that sells itself exceptionally well.

Cristina’s skills go beyond the norm: Her vision and ability to project something that is inexistent made this opening possible. She was able to anticipate, transform, see things where others could not, and strenghthen the value proposition in a way that put the hotel in the international map.

The easiest thing is to trust her as she directs and composes everything. Her professionalism, her expertise in hospitality sales and overall elegance in everything she does are simply exceptional, she creates the impossible.

General Manager

Gran Hotel Inglés, LHW

General Manager

Park Hyatt Paris

HB helped us draft a roadmap that ultimately led to maximize revenues by upgrading our image and helping give the business a well defined identity.

I have had the pleasure of working with Hospitality Builders over several projects during my career and must admit they are by far the best I have come across.

Cristina and her team other than being extremely professional and a pleasure to work with, they have a deep knowledge of the industry which helps identify opportunities that we, the people that are always immersed into our hotels, sometimes are unable to perceive.

HB helps your business draft a roadmap that will help you maximize revenues by upgrading your image and giving your business a sense of being and a well defined identity. They leverage on attributes that thanks to their insights in the market and their constant exposure to it, they have reached to understand.

Cristina’s experience in the hospitality industry together with the expertise of her photographic team, have been key to the success of the projects we have engaged with them on. During all our projects, they created a unique bond with my teams, helping us also grow internally and creating an amazing energy around.

The hospitality angle is truly unique.
She delivers image packages, everything from sales to press.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Cristina and Hospitality Builders on many occasions over the last 10 years.

Each hotel, each destination is different and the ability to seize the culture and fully understand the hotel’s circumstances are always key. This team always delivers a set of photographs that fulfill our different needs, everything from sales to press.

Thanks to her extensive experience at senior levels in the hospitality industry, Cristina quickly understands and grasps her clients’ needs, and with that she creates and develops a new strategic approach. All her projects are very well structured, timely executed, using the latest trends and techniques and always presented professionally.

The return on investment has always been very significant and key to the success of the hotels.

Cristina is able to help our guests visualize their options and fully support reservations, sales and marketing needs with her work. She turns in various image packages, knowing that each one serves a different purpose for each department. 

Last but not least, their continued interaction and active engagement with our staff while on site, make the projects fun and inspiring for everyone on the team, leaving behind a renewed and exciting energy.

Area VP Spain, Algeria, Morocco and General Manager

Park Hyatt Marrakech

General Manager

Park Hyatt Saigon

We needed a new visual strategy that would help transport
our international guests to Park Hyatt Saigon.

Our objectives were clear: Surface the soul of our beautiful and luxurious spaces, bringing to life our F&B and Room signature experiences. We were looking to portray the true character of our mansion with an image strategy that would help, both international and Saigon’s new generation of guests, understand what Park Hyatt Saigon is today.

Finding the person who would be up to this challenge and succeed in one of the busiest periods of the year would not be an easy task. Hospitality Builders were able to do that without interfering with our operation and in-house guests.

Cristina and her team of specialists joined us for 9 days, connecting with our team from the very start, instantly understanding the vibe of the property. They managed to create and transmit the new dynamic of the property, through a very large number of shots, in the most beautiful way.

Creative in the moment, passionate, sales driven, fun to work with, able to find the most unexpected angles, bringing new ideas to create impact, resolute until the vision is achieved – with sparkles – this is the trademark of Hospitality Builders.