Who we are

Cristina, the founder of Hospitality Builders, hotelier and expert in the area of hospitality sales and marketing, is in charge of designing and assembling the best visual communication strategy, once the client needs and requirements have been understood. 

Xabi and Sergio are her team of photographers, two high-end photographers with a long career that includes international trajectory, and who work with only the latest and best-in-class technical equipment.
Iván together with Rafa, Darío, Dani and Javi are in charge of providing technical assistance to both photographers during the photo shoots while on session.

Our fun side

As a team of five they always travel together, they are the client-facing party, but behind the scenes, there is a post-production studio, who also specialises in photography for hotels and have done so for over 10 years. Each client has their own retoucher assigned, who works together with the entire team to perfect the work before the final images are delivered to the customer.