Connecting spaces to preserve that residential feel of the Rosewood brand

The Rosewood Villa Magna in Madrid opens its doors with a clear concept that is so characteristic of this brand: A hotel with a residential and welcoming feel that invites guests to enjoy all its unique spaces. Each area has a distinct decoration and it is very interesting to see how these come together.

Making Of

One of our key objectives with this shoot was to show the hotel’s common areas by photographing each F&B space independently.

The result

At Hospitality Builders we wanted to look for angles that would allow us to achieve a visual connection between two different areas of the hotel.
In this instance: the beautiful bakery and the living room next door, where guests can enjoy its delicacies. Through these series of compositions that we had previously researched, we are able to get across the offer of two powerful spaces in a single photograph. The intent is for guests to easily understand the space and invite them to visit and enjoy it.