Targeting the families segment in Nobu Ibiza Bay

Pulled by Ibiza’s innate beauty, there is a niche market wishing to flee from the island’s party atmosphere to discreetly retreat in luxury, enjoying its natural charms.
Nobu Ibiza Bay was born to respond to this segment of guests who would have traditionally chosen private villas over the hotel experience.
We decided on an image strategy where we could show the privacy of a particular room type without the need for further explanation.

Making Of

We sought to carefully create photographs that would speak to one of Nobu Ibiza Bay’s target segments: families. In this particular case, the camera was unable to capture what the human eye could see; this being traditionally one of our major objectives when photographing. In the post-production studio we threaded together a photo of the suite and its access to the outdoor children’s pool to show just how close they are.
As a result, both the sales and reservations departments could visually explain that there are particular room categories that are perfectly designed for the needs of families. 

The Result

In addition to photographing the rooms showing direct access to the children’s pool, we also photographed all other spaces that would help sway a family towards choosing Nobu Ibiza Bay. 
For example, we created a scene, pulling out key elements from the Kids Club, to make it easier for clients to understand the proximity between the Chiringuito and the Kids Club.
Nobu Ibiza Bay now has a collection of images that perfectly highlight its unique selling points, helping it to facilitate bookings and awareness across all sales platforms.